About Us

Nuvio has been providing cloud based communication services since 2003. Our products are used by all sizes of companies throughout the world. We sell our products directly to end users, through resellers, our wholesale carrier program, and to cloud operators

At the heart of Nuvio's cloud products is the technology we developed to make it work. We invested heavily in R&D in order to provide a stable and reliable solution to our customers. Our in-house development has also allowed us to provide features that our customers actually want to use and we made them incredibly simple.

Nuvio's mission has always been to break the mold surrounding VoIP and PBX technologies and provide value for our customers. We continue to innovate, not only with our technology, but with our pricing and service delivery as well. We believe you should be able to get what you want, when you want it, and with no strings.

20595 Metcalf Overland Park, KS 66013

Mailing Address:
340 S. Lemon Avenue #9233 Los Angeles, CA 91789

Phone Information:
Phone: (816) 444-4422
Support: (866) 482-2173
Reseller Support: (866) 363-6587
Wholesale Support: (866) 841-8071

Please contact us for more information on our products and services.