What Is Cloud Communications?

Cloud communications are being increasingly used by various businesses today. The reason for this major transition is the simplicity of this technology and the lower investment involved. Research has proven that the return of investment in this definite tool is way higher than any other communication system. Cloud communication, which is also known as, Hosted Phone System PBX system, requires both hardware and software to be installed.

However, it is not necessary to own the hardware or the software, if someone wishes to use the application for their home or business use. One only pays for the services of using the applications provided by the cloud communication provider. Hence maintenance cost is nil. Over and above, the cost of placing international and domestic calls from anywhere is way cheaper in comparison to the traditional phone system. A monthly fee is gleaned from the user by the cloud communications provider for hosting website, for maintaining their communication, storing data and cataloging them.

Cloud communications simplifies the method of keeping in touch with business partners, employees, suppliers and customers. The process is quicker. At the same time, it allows the user to enjoy a lot of opportunities and freedom. Above all, there is the facility of calling from one computer or webpage to the other free of cost.

Cloud communications are currently being used through applications such as Gtalk and Skype. If one wants to talk to another provider of Gtalk or Skype user over PC or any devices having internet, it will be free of cost. However, if the user wants to call any mobile or landline number as is done in Skype, one needs to have some credit on the basis of which they will be allowed to make the call.

There are a variety of options or features to be availed. For instance, one can enjoy call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail services, caller ID detection feature and many other advanced applications. What is great about this new technology of communication is that it is extremely reliable. If the internet connection provides a reasonable speed, the voice quality would be superior in comparison to traditional phone systems. However, this quality is somewhat dependent on the service provider and the speed of the internet. In fact, one can even transfer files between two users while they are communicating. This way, if it is necessary to have a look over any engineering or designing plans, they can do so.

One of the greatest advantages of cloud communications is that if the provider is good, it will hardly ever go down. So, your communication channels will be up and running in any event. One can enjoy all the benefits of the ordinary phone as known as well as some extra features from the service provider. In the scenario where business needs to be expanded, one would only need to connect the rest of the employees with it, instead of buying new hardware for getting them connected. The responsibility of providing comprehensive solution lies with the provider, what sort of installation will allow quick incorporation of any new employee within the cloud and hence, selecting the appropriate service provider is crucial for your business.


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