Flexibility with No Infrastructure

- Nuvio's NuvioFlex Cloud VoIP solution does not require you to purchase the normal infrastructure associated with a phone system or PBX. Instead of large expensive and non expandable boxes that go in a phone closet, Nuvio stores the "brains" of your VoIP system in the cloud. By leveraging Nuvio's vast investments in infrastructure, you never have to worry about expansion costs for your system again. The only thing you need is a compatible VoIP phone (we can sell you one or you can provide your own) or a softphone. If you want to add or subtract lines or extensions, you just have to ask and it is done in minutes!

Simple Web Portal for Management

- Gone are the days of having to call the local phone tech to make changes to your system. You have full access to Nuvio's easy to use web management portal. Individual users can see call logs, voicemails, call recordings, and view and modify basic information. In addition, advanced call management can be easily changed from a desktop or mobile browser. Company administrators are able to easily reassign extensions, change extensions, change or swap VoIP phones, and pull management reports. Nuvio's portal systems are easy to understand and even easier to use. Our number one goal is to make our system intuitive so that nothing is too complicated or require expensive outside help. Of course, if you want us to do it for you, we are more than happy to!

Find me/Follow me

- Let's get serious, you should never ever miss a call from Nuvio's system unless you decide to. Nuvio provides advanced call management that makes sure all of your important calls are routing to you, when you want. Using our intuitive web interface, you are able to setup a find me/follow me call pattern that will ring your desk, your mobile phone, or another phone, and then go to voicemail. Enabling a simple option on your portal will allow all of your numbers to ring at once. Whichever one you answer, you get the call. This feature, coupled with Nuvio's time of day scheduler, allows you to only activate this when you want.

Disaster Recovery

- We know you don't want to think about it, but disasters happen. Whether it is a fire at your building, a tornado, an earthquake, or a simple closure of the freeway, you need to be prepared and able to seamlessly have business communications. Nuvio's Cloud VoIP system does this for you automatically. You can deploy VoIP handsets all over the world and have them communicate as one cohensive system, or you can simply have an extra VoIP phone at your house to use when you need it. In addition, you can easily route your calls from Nuvio's easy to use web portal to a mobile phone or other phone from a web browser. Since Nuvio's sytem is not located on your premises, a disaster doesn't affect anything except your local VoIP handsets. Nuvio's got you covered to keep you communicating with no downtime and no additional cost.


- Nuvio has you covered on conferencing. NuvioFlex offers you three ways to have conference calls. The easiest way for a two or three person conference is just to initiate the conference call from your VoIP phone or softphone. However, if you want to have more than that in your conference, NuvioFlex offers you free, yes free, conference rooms that you can use. You can utilize your existing Flex lines to have outside callers call in as well as unlimited internal users that are on the NuvioFlex. If you don't want to tie up your Flex lines, Nuvio offers a special dial in number that charges a per minute rate that is very competitive with commercial conferencing companies.