Nuvio is a hosted business and communications service provider offering a full suite of award-winning business solutions targeted to small and medium-sized organizations. Nuvio's range of business systems are based on cloud computing technology and utilize the latest advances in Internet delivery mechanisms and custom designed switching fabric to improve efficiency and decrease overhead for the end user.

Since its establishment in 2003, Nuvio has contributed to numerous advances in Internet-based services with their heavy commitment to research & development. Nuvio remains dedicated to advancing technology and is staged to remain at the forefront of a quickly progressing business solution marketplace in years to come.

Nuvio's mission is to be the leading innovator and top provider of Internet-based communications and business service systems. We believe that all companies should be entitled to reliable, affordable and effective business services available anywhere at anytime.

Nuvio Corporation

20595 Metcalf
Overland Park, KS 66013

Mailing Address:
340 S. Lemon Avenue #9233
Los Angeles, CA 91789

Phone Information:
Phone: (816) 444-4422
Support: (866) 482-2173
Reseller Support: (866) 363-6587
Wholesale Support: (866) 841-8071

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