Nuvio Business-Class Internet Phone System

Business Phone Systems


NuvioFlex offers something most providers can't; a better way to buy phone service. Rather than purchasing phone plans based on the number of users, where costs for larger organizations can add up, NuvioFlex provides a bulk package that can accommodate the number of people in your organization without having to pay for individual plans. If you have 10 phones, you don't need 10 plans, just purchase the NuvioFlex10 and you can save more than 40% over other VoIP carriers.

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nPBX is a flexible and scalable business phone system designed to meet your telephony needs and expand with the growth of your business. nPBX delivers all the features of a fully-loaded phone system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PBX, plus additional features that traditional hardware can't deliver at an affordable price. Unlike NuvioFlex, nPBX is sold per seat.

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SIP Trunking Solution

Nuvio's trunking products are divided into three separate products, each one offering different features and targeted towards different applications. All Nuvio trunking products include access to Call Logs via Nuvio's web portal.


Already have an investment in a PBX? nConnect&trade is our cutting edge SIP trunking solution that will save your business time and money while extending the life of your current phone system. nConnect&trade provides the same flexibility and cost-saving benefits of our internet-based phone system, while utilizing your existing PBX system.

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nConnect Legacy

nConnect Legacy is a SIP trunking product commonly used to interface with analog or digital (but not IP) PBXs that wish to leverage Nuvio's VoIP services without upgrading their premise based equipment. nConnect Legacy requires an ATA or IAD device to convert Nuvio's VoIP services to standard analog connections or to a digital T-1/E-1 interface.


Nuvio's bVoice product is targeted at SOHO users that wish to connect standard analog telephone lines to Nuvio's VoIP network. Nuvio's bVoice product requires the use of a standard ATA device. Included with bVoice are Caller ID name and number, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Find me Follow me, Voice mail, Voicemail to email, and anonymous call rejection.

Phone Hardware


Nuvio's line of IP phones provide a combination of style, functionality and sound quality that rival even the most expensive business phones available on the market today. This combination, as well as the immense cost-savings make Nuvio's IP phones the perfect solution for any business.

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Nuvio has partnered with Polycom to bring you the most cutting-edge phone system on the market. Polycom is the leading provider of telecommunications technology in the world and provides some of the most dynamic and robust IP phones available.

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