Link Remote Offices

The ability to link remote offices into a single cohesive phone system is one of the most widely used features of Nuvio’s system. Because Nuvio uses the Internet as our way to communicate with your phones, we don’t know or care if your phones are in the cubicle next to each other, or half a world away. You can share resources like receptionists, auto attendants, call queues, and answering groups.

If you think of your current phone system, most contain wires that go back to the “big box” in a wiring closet. That is how your phones communicate with it, and in turn how they place and receive calls. With Nuvio, we have turned the Internet into your wiring closet, opening up possibilities that didn’t exist before.

Many branch offices are required to spend the money to install and support (including lots of phones lines from the telephone company) a phone system at each location. This adds up. With Nuvio, you can extend your efficiency of scale to each office without significant investment or telephone company costs. In addition, we can give you the ability to have local phones numbers from all over the country that ring your users, preserving the look and feel of a locally installed system. We decrease your costs and increase your productivness.