Nuvio Announces Update to Hosted PBX Software

Redesign to Incorporate Increased Stability and User Interface

Overland Park, Kans. (September 2, 2009) - Nuvio Corporation, a leading provider of business Internet phone services announced today that it is releasing an updated version of its popular hosted PBX system, nPBX. The year-long re-development effort is a complete rework of the previous system with increased stability, usability and features.

Along with the redesign of the system itself, the web-based user interface for the nPBX system was also rebuilt with design focus revolving around usability. The new web-portal features an intuitive way to interface with the new system for end-users, administrators as well as agents and wholesalers.

"We took a step back and asked ourselves what we would want from a phone system and what would save time and money for the end-user." said Jason Talley, chairman and CEO of Nuvio Corporation. "Our development team based their design decisions on this theme and actualized it in the form of our new system." added Talley.

"After a lengthy beta testing period we are more than happy with the stability of the system" said COO Chris Bramhall, "the response we have received from the beta testers also confirms our initial direction with the redesign and we are more than pleased with the end-result". added Bramhall.

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