Hosted PBXNuvio Flex Product info
Nuvio's flagship product, our NuvioFlex Hosted PBX product is designed for businesses, big and small. Hosted PBX goes by many names these days, Internet Phone Systems, Virtual Phones Systems, Business VoIP, and many more. Ultimately, the name isn’t important but the features and functionality are. Nuvio’s services enable you to completely eliminate the headache in the closet, your classic office phone system. By doing away with the “box in your closet” you are eliminating more than just the nasty infrastructure. You are eliminating the need to support contract, the need to upgrade, or the massive capital cost.

NuvioFlex delivers all of your features from our datacenters to your phones. No need to have any equipment or services in between. You can get rid of the following:

  1. Expensive PBX equipment and Service Contracts
  2. Monthly Telephone Line Services
  3. Long Distance
  4. 8XX Services
  5. Conferencing Services

Nuvio combines all of these services in our redundant data centers and then delivers it to your approved IP handset or softphone using the Internet. The only thing you need to use our service is a stable Internet connection. That's it.

With Nuvio’s easy to use web portal you can take control of many of the tasks that you had to previously pay for. To us it is simple and intuitive. If you want to change your auto attendant greeting or the routing, it is as simple as point and click. If you want to add new members to a hunt group, or even setup a hunt group for a seasonal event, it is easy to do. When you add or change employees, this is something that can be done in minutes, all without having to pay a technician. Nuvio goes one step further too, if you don’t want to do this, we will do it for you. Just call our support department. We love to help you!

Since NuvioFlex using the Internet, many of the conventional limitations of a PBX or phone system disappear. You can have multiple offices and remote workers all seamlessly integrated within one organization. You can share lines between everyone, instead of having to purchase individual lines for each office. Finally, using Nuvio’s mobile applications you can extend the communications platform to your mobile phone, truly taking your office communications anywhere.