Nuvio's easy to understand pricing

We've been doing this for almost 10 years now and have seen a lot of things come and go. But, the toughest thing we have always grappled with is being easy to present pricing that makes sense and is easy to understand. We think you will agree that Nuvio's pricing to you meets this ideal.

We understand that many of our competitors use products that rely upon expensive underlying licensing. This translates into a nickel and dime mentality for the services. Why should you have to buy one type of extension for one user and a different type for someone else? It just drives us nuts. These same expensive licensing costs also require our competitors to demand long term contracts. Plus, that is the way it has 'always' been done, so it makes sense, right? Wrong.

At Nuvio we have a simple, easy to use matrix for pricing. It is users and lines. Simply, we can give you a quote right now and you can use simple math to modify it and change it to your heart's content. Plus, all of our users have ALL of the same features, even the really advanced ones like call recording, find me/follow me, BLF, and more. Also, all of our service plans are commitment free. That’s right, everything is month to month. If you want to leave us (and we hope you don't) you just give us notice and you are done. We want to earn your business each month, not because you got cajoled into some long term contract. Seriously, in today’s day and age, why would you sign that?

So, Nuvio has made it simple again. Simple, easy to use services and simple, easy to understand pricing with no hidden gotchas. What more could you ask for?