Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP Overview

Voice over internet protocol often abbreviated as VoIP follows protocols by means of which multimedia sessions and voice sessions are transmitted using internet between computers or other internet-enabled devices. Voice over Internet protocol is also called IP telephony and broad telephony. Instead of using the telephone network, internet is used to transfer SMS, fax, voice and even video transmissions. In order to transfer the calls or messages, at first the set up of the entire media channel is signaled and then the analog voice signal is digitized. Once encoding and packetization is complete, the final packets are transmitted over the internet. These packets are again decoded and converted to analog to produce voice stream at the other end.

VoIP is a subset of IP telephony by means of which phone calls are made possible. In systems of Voice over internet protocol, there are a set of protocols to control the set up responsible for tearing down audio codecs on which the speech is dependent. This facilitates the transmission of the digital audio through the network via audio stream. A wide range of "codecs" are used for this purpose and have compressed speech and support of stereo codecs of high fidelity.

Nowadays, VoIP is available on Smartphone's and several other devices on which internet services are enabled. Basically, we now have portable devices that can send text messages and voice messages over 3G and Wi-Fi networks. With the use of a standard internet connection, one can place calls free of charge to any location in the world. This path breaking technology has changed the way we communicate in a major way.

There are a variety of call plans provided by different networks using VoIP. These plans are much cheaper than phone calls made through the traditional networks. The principles of digitization have been re-invented to make our lives easier. This technology can be utilized in a variety of ways. The simplest ways by means of which one can place calls is using analog telephone adapter or ATA or a specific IP Phones. You can even make voice calls from computer to computer.

In ATA devices, a standard phone is connected to the device. This again is connected to a computer with an internet connection. This device is nothing but an analog to digital converter system. When the traditional telephone generates the analog signal, it converts it into digital data and then transmits it using the internet to another place. You don't need to be technical wizard to set this up. All you need to do is jack the phone cable into the ATA device and your phone can be used to make calls over the internet.

Then again there is the option of IP Phones. IP Phones, unlike normal phones, have RJ-45 Ethernet connector. It can be directly jacked with router that has both the software and the hardware necessary for making the VoIP calls. Another easy way to make calls is through one computer to another computer. There are no extra charges of such long distance calls. All one needs to have is the software and internet connection together with speakers, microphone and sound card.


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