VoIP Phones Used In Businesses And Homes

In comparison to the traditional telephone systems, the IP phones have been gaining significant ground in terms of market shares because of low charges involved in placing the calls and also because now people can even place calls to international calls at amazingly low charges. Bandwidth determines the speed and also the hassle-free transfer of data within a fixed amount of time.

A higher bandwidth improves the potential for error free connections, faster transfers of multimedia data without losing out on quality of the content. If you are interested in using your VoIP Phones without countering any problems, first priority needs to be given to the bandwidth of your internet connection.

The bandwidth of your internet connection is comprised of two subdivisions. One is the upload bandwidth and the other is download bandwidth. Upload bandwidth is associated with the amount of data sent from your location. Download bandwidth is associated with the data that one receives. You will need to consult with your internet service package provider to gain knowledge about the various bandwidths available and which would be ideal for the smooth functioning of IP Phones.

Normally, 90 kilobits per second (Kbps) is the most ideal. In case the provider with whom one is working does not offer such high quality bandwidth, one can also talk to VoIP providers to lower the bandwidth used for calls. The standard settings of VoIP providers are high, medium and low quality for sound. In case the bandwidth from the internet provider is lower, one would have to adjust the sound quality from the settings. Choice of available providers for those who own VoIP phones are DSL and Cable internet access provider.

The upload bandwidth with DSL is 128k and that of cable is 600k. This is the reason cable is expensive compared to DSL. With the Packet8 VoIP plan, you can compress data in packets. Here, only 23 kbps is used upstream and downstream whenever a call is active. Other factors one needs to know before installing VoIP Phones is cost of the VoIP, phone features available, and cost of different phones of different manufacturers.

Some VoIP providers offer wireless phones. This phone is offered completely free of charge as a bonus for sales promotions. Otherwise, most VoIP phones usually cost from around fourteen dollars to as high as two hundred dollars. The cost is mainly dependent on the quality of the phone and its features. It is important to buy the IP phones from a trustworthy dealer. It is also crucial that the manufacturing brand is well-reputed.

What sort of features one would expect to add on the VoIP phones depends on the purpose for which the phone will be utilized for. There are phones which have full color monitors. Others have features which enable connection of different ports to different routers. There are also phones that are enabled with Skype to facilitate video calls.