Wholesale Services

Our carrier wholesale program enables you to immediately provide advanced VoIP services, using our service as a back-end carrier to provide business and residential service to your customers. You

Nuvio will provide you with support tools, tech support training, an administrative API interface that allows you to add or cancel end users and an XML interface to sign up new customers. We will also provide you with a custom portal for your end users to manage their accounts

Our carrier partners have the option to bill their end users, or have Nuvio bill under their logo with a carrier merchant account. Carrier partners are able to easily and quickly add, remove, and otherwise control their customers via Nuvio's Carrier portal.

With Nuvio's Carrier program, you can decide how to offer services to your customers and bill accordingly. Nuvio's program is flexible and allows you to concentrate your efforts on building customer relationships and revenue, not on building a VoIP company. Nuvio's Carrier program can get you up and running in as little as 48 hours.